Ebay Motors Distance Indicator.

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I like to browse the listings for motorcycles every day. One of the nice features is that the list of motorbikes up for auction is listed by distance (nearest first) by default. However, the method of calculating the distance from yourself to the item being sold is BADLY flawed.

I live in North Devon, so a town like Bideford would be given a distance of 10 miles. No problems there. Exeter would be given a distance of 40 miles. Again, no problem. However, somewhere like Swansea would be given a distance of 45 miles. 'What's the problem?'  I hear you ask. Well Swansea is 45 miles 'as the crow flies'. By road, it's 120 miles!!

The distances are calculated from Postcode to Postcode in a straight line, not by road.

So buyers and sellers of motorbikes (and cars) please check the location of the item in question on a map before you bid, or agree to deliver the item after the auction.

At this time, a bidder has won an auction for my sisters motorbike and thought it was only 40 miles away. In reality it's 120 miles away! There's a good chance my time time will be wasted.
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