Ebay & Paypal Hidden Charges

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Hi all,

I am from UK & I have recently sold an item (watch) to US seller. Whilst advertising my item, I were told by the ebay that I will be charged only £87 for my ad on ebay, but after receiving money from the buyer when I tried to withdraw/transfer the funds from paypal to my bank account, I noticed that £86 were missing, so I thought that it is the same amount which ebay was suppose to charge me because paypal is subsidiary/branch of ebay but now today I received an email from ebay that I have due balance of £87, so all-together I have paid £173. Why ebay didn't tell me while I was selling that paypal will charge me separately, why ebay kept this information hidden from me? Perhaps, many of you already know this information & it's already on ebay's website but sorry I don't have PhD degree on ebay, also previously I sold an item worth £70 and same thing happened during the withdrawal of money from paypal to bank account, £2 or £3 were missing so I assumed that it is the ebay fee, and in account summary I didn't have the "due balance". Most of the times ebay is great because I find very interesting items at very reasonable rates, and I as a buyer or seller pay my fee or do transaction through paypal in short I give business to ebay/paypal, in return I should I expect a reasonable customer service but when I tried to resolve this issue by calling ebay from my landline then I was connected with an Indian call service centre, the voice quality was extremely poor, and that guy was totally unhelpful. I love buying & selling things particularly watches but from today's incident I have learnt one lesson that in future I will sell/buy watches from local used watch shops (there are dozens of best shops in London who deal in used watches).

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