Ebay Police cross my line.Fascism is still alive.

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I have been a supporter of Amnesty International & recognise tyranny & fascism.Every community needs protecting from criminal elements but when ordinary members need protecting from the oppression of its police force something is desperately wrong?Or is it all Greek to you?(Acts 17).For evil to triumph,good men must do nothing.A corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit......wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them..Matthew ch5? If you do not believe Moses or Jesus,it is unlikely that you will listen to me.Are there any watchmen on the wall? 2 Timothy Ch 2 v4.If giving a link to a Charity which sponsors children for for £18 a month & a Christian website which could save your Soul is inappropriate than ebay is the wrong place for me.I'm a Christian,get me out of here!They can take my ebay life but they will never take away my FREEDOM.God Bless you all & welcome to the New World Order in the Last days.Simon White.

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