Ebay Robbers

Like if this guide is helpful

Always send Signed for always put Tracking ID stops " it did not arrive also make a small recording of what ever it is show it working and if you can mark components on the inside an photo it.
zep101gza121232 says he has not had 45 out of 49 items or 32 out of 50 not working.

Also we need a point system for all ebayers that say missing item missing part so we can see if Ebayer 

If buyer gives a neg feed back it should by on list Ebayer zep101gzq121232 left 40 neg out of 45 
also point system for not paying 

Some just go one there to scam

As a seller I need to see if a buyer is always opening cases before contacting the seller
Buyers not reading the add then opening a case then reading it and seeing it was as the add

We all need to know sellers an buyers what feed back we should have let us say seller sells 600 items an only gets 230 feed back ebay should just give ebay feed back as poss after the 60 days buys that never give feed back have account taken down

Id tracking should be put in feed back post cost on books should be taken from the isbn number an not by ebay
Post cost is for packaging also not just cost at the post office tape an boxes are not free


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