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Posting Out Items

If you post out an item and it does not arrive paypal decide against you and refund the buyer.  This is a good practice and gives the buyer a guarantee which is a good thing.

However there are a small number of people out there who may use this to their advantage.

As a rule I send out all my items as trackable.  This is because I am covered by paypal if the items goes astray.

I understand that buyers want to lower the costs and reduce the price however it is you the seller who will lose out.  I have broken my 'rule' once this year and have sent out a parcel untrackable and guess what as luck would have it, it never arrived.  It was sent out on the 17th December and as the buyer has not received it by 22nd December they wanted a full refund, of course you would think they would give it a bit longer due to the Christmas post.   Maybe it is just coincidence or maybe I am just suspcious however there is nothing I could do so I refunded the buyer.  My proof of postage is worthless.

I have put a claim in with the Royal Mail however these are long and drawn out, they never refund your postage costs and have been known to not pay out the selling price on Ebay but the price your orignially paid for the item.

One last thing to remember is to always put your senders details and address on your parcel.

REMEMBER - The golden rule is to post out trackable.  It makes life easier for your and your buyer and you always know where your parcel is.  It looks more professional and gives you peace of mind.

Good luck with your Ebay sales.

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