Ebay Shabby Chic Furniture

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Hi Everyone, 

Nicky at Bagpuss Antiques here. The amount of people jumping on the Shabby Chic Furniture bandwagon continues to anger, dismay and upset me.

There are like us, clearly a lot of reputable sellers who spend many, many hours crafting their pieces and not charging an awful lot for their talents. However, for all the good there are just as many bad.

If buyers were a little more savvy as to what they are buying and should or could be buying for the money that they have available, they would find out that the wide variety of items available on Ebay can be whittled down to two distinct categories Shabby Chic and Shabby SH**E.

I have written a guide to buying Shabby Chic Furniture both on Ebay and on our own website Bagpuss Antiques.co. uk. 

Please take time to read this and help educate both buyers and sellers. The guys selling rubbish only get away with it because people don't know any better.

Thankfully, they usually blow in like the wind and disappear just as fast when they realise that their limited talents can't compete with actual professionals.

I'm thinking of compiling a name and shame list via Bagpuss Antiques so do get in touch and maybe together we can pass on horror stories via Twitter and Facebook. 

Join the campaign guys.

Thank you 

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