Ebay - The tools of the trade - selling tips

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The tools of the Ebay trader:

So what are the essentials for selling on Ebay?

I'll assume you've got access to a computer and that you have something to sell, so now what?

First I'd suggest do your research, check out recently sold similar items by clicking on 'completed items' here http://shop.ebay.co.uk/advsearch/?_trksid=m38 check on
Price sold, times of auctions, postage, categories sold in.

That's your research done, now what do you need? The three essentials for me are the following:

  1. Camera: You need your own picture of your own item, don't use stock photos, don't pinch anyone else's, use your own. A digital camera with a USB port, or some mobile phone cameras will suffice. There is a straightforward editing device when you upload your photo to Ebay, make sure its the right way up and cut out any unnecessary background, your cat may look nice, but unless you're selling it, don't put it in your picture! If you have something worth videoing, you can add a small video and upload via Youtube or VZaar (others available!).

  2. Tape measure: The most importat thing for me, always put measurements in, even if you don't think you need them. I'd say even with clothing, put some of your own measurements in and there's no ambiguity. Be prepared though, you'll still get someone who "thought it would be bigger" even if you tell them its 6"!!                                                                                                                                  
  3. Scales: You need to know ho much postage will be, so you need to weigh the item, cheap kitchen or even bathroom (usually better for parcels over 1kg) scales will do, if you're only selling one item and don't think you need them, take it to your local post office (if it hasn't been shut down!) and get it weighed there before you list. The worst thing you can do is list something with £1 postage and find out the postage is £10 a week later. Put the weight in the listing and work out the postage. You can do this fairly easily in the Royal Mail website.
It's that simple. Write your listing, change the size of the text so that it is easy to read. Not too many rules and regulations. Check your spelling. Let them know your postage details (don't overcharge for postage!). Sell it, pack it well, ship it.

As you expand your sales you will need other tools, but for the beginner that's it. Have fun and happy selling.
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