Ebay Turbo Lister Pros & Conns

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eBay Turbo Lister is eBays bulk listing tool for creating new or editing existing eBay listings, it can save a seller a lot of time and effort and avoids the seller having to spend hours and hours clicking and confirming listings online in your browser.

Here are my pros and conns of using eBay Turbo Lister


  • Saves time, allowing you to create a template listing and then simply copying that for your next listing, this ensures all your listings have the same options enabled and are consistent
  • Upload all your products at once
  • Allows you to export all your listings into CSV or Excel format
  • Useful for backing up your current live listings
  • Allows you to review items Unsold or Sold and allows them to be easily relisted
  • Has a built in HTML designer (although basic it does the job)


  • BEWARE - if you make modifications to existing listings that involve additional fees, Turbo Lister does NOT warn you and automatically charges this to your account, this is fine if you are making the odd change to the odd listing but imagine the hassle if you make a change to 1000 listings, for example if you turn on a picture pack in a category where its not free suddenly you have doubled your eBay fees for the month, this has happened to me on more than one occasion and is a complete hassle trying to explain to eBay what has happened in order to receive a credit.
  • You are expected each time you modify a listing to check the charges manually before making them live
  • The program tends to crash randomly
  • When using your own listing template, and where using tables in html it tends to automatically change the table characteristics, the end result is a formatting problem when the listing is reviewed on the eBay website
  • The program isnt made by eBay is made by a 3rd party, so getting support for the program is near on impossible

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