Ebay and the swastika - banned articles?

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I wonder if it is time for ebay to reconsider its hard line approach to the selling of 3rd Reich items which feature the swastika.  Initially it could be seen as a well intentioned idea.  Anything that glorifies the ideals of the Nazi party is certainly to be condemned.  However we now have the  ridiculous situation where, for example, a High Seas Fleet badge, with a tiny swastika on it will be removed from Ebay, with the seller given a "yellow card" warning, whereas an SA Dagger, photographed from the rear, and therefore no swastika visible, will be allowed to remain. Ask yourself which item you more associate with a hard-line nazi - a badge which a Kriegsmarine sailor was awarded after a number of cruises, or a dagger worn by a brownshirt thug?  I am reminded of street markets in Germany with 3rd Reich items on open display with little bits of bluetac covering the offending symbol to make it legal! Logic has gone out of the window.

Ebay seems to have singled out the third reich for special treatment   Try entering IRA in an ebay search, and  you will find innumerable items, such as pamphlets, badges, books etc glorifying the actions of this banned terrorist organisation.  To a lesser extent you will find items supporting illegal protestant organisations as well, although these will be fewer as their PR machine was never as efficient as the IRA's.  Ebay will quite happily allow the sale of these, not finding them at all "hateful", (the phrase used to describe nazi items), even though these organisations have been banned on both sides of the Irish border for many years.

Don't make the mistake of thinking I am an apologist for the nazis - as far as I am concerned they were (and are) a bunch of thugs that the world can well do without.  The fact remains, however, that for around 12 years virtually every item of German military insignia, including badges, medals, flags and banners etc featured the swastika.  Germany was one of the two main membersof the Axis powers which fought in the biggest conflict in world history.  It is bizarre, therefore, to assume that everyone with an interest in collecting these items has sinister political motives.  I am not a major dealer in 3rd Reich items, indeed I frequently have nothing of that nature in my stock, but I find it irksome that if I have a good quality badge or medal to sell, ebay is not open to me unless I take what I regard as childish steps to disguise it in my photographs.

I suppose this review will draw reaction from nutters from all sides - neo Nazis and IRA sympathisers alike.  But I would welcome some constructive remaks and some support in getting ebay to take a more mature attitude to this whole question. 

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