Ebay doesn't protect the buyer and seems pro seller!

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At christmas bought 2 copies of a dvd which on inspection they were obviously fake.  Contacted seller lfc4life18 , thru emails and finally via phone was told to f'off!  Told ebay that i found a member selling fakes, had proof etc and they have done absolutley nothing except send automated emails in return.  Mean while the fraudster is still a member and trading, i'm out of pocket.  How can anyone bid with any sort of confidence if when the blaggers and fraudsters are identified selling illegal goods and yet ebay takes no action!
Paypal have opened a dispute but thats it, careful people, Ebay is a great tool in which to but and sell things, but as big as they are now it is apparent they are not wishing to help when it all goes wrong!

Good Luck, You'll need it!! 

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