Ebay is it safe? and do they care?.

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Well we all know that among the ebay community, most ebayer's are decent  people We also know that there are rouge's who sole purpose is to rip you off, and there are more then you think!. i think ebay is as safe as it can be(i don't think it's that safe) you  are forever  on the lookout for the scum that's laying in wait for you  , do ebay care? speaking from my own expirience i would say absolutely not, for  those of you who have not dealt with a bad trader(i hope you never do)but if it does happen then you will know just how much ebay cares!!.You will get the same patronising email's telling  you there only a vendour who provides a site to buy sell, they neglet to mention that they charge you fee's for doing so, i bought an item from a chap who was selling the same item over & over again i got my may money back, because i smelled a rat and cancelled my palpal payment within hours, pleae note if your money has been taken out of your account paypal can ONLY try to get your money (worth makeing a note) anyway i reported this chap the item was removed , the reason given was listing violations, but he's still tradeing  so how does that protect us the decent ebayers?. Ebay just wash there hands of you and will say something like we encourage dialouge (yeh right) when the low life should be locked up.To conclude i would say enjoy ebay but be forever on lookout.


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