Ebay - made for selling or buying?

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I have had an ebay account for some time now and am unsure whether or not it is more useful as a source to buy or sell from. I have bought several items and I have sold several items via ebay and I am usually happy with my actions.

Buying items through ebay is really easy and could be done by anyone as long as they have enough money in their paypal account. However, so far I have had to return most of  the items as they either do not work or do not match the description. In addition, it is only dvds that I have bought and have kept. There seems to be no problems with buying dvds/cds through ebay, but if you buy things that are cheap on ebay that are usually at a higher price, you may just regret it. For example, I bought I cheap USB 2.0 Capture card, so that I could record my xbox 360 gameplay onto my computer. The description said that it works with computers that run on windows xp. Having received the item I noticed that it was a fake and then later discovered that it does not work on computers that run on windows xp ; it only work on windows 7. I later returned and refunded the item. 

Selling items is also very easy to do. You simply name the item, put a price on it, give it a description/picture and then it is placed on the ebay "market". Seeing the last few seconds left of an item that you are selling is great as you are able to see all the bids coming through. Once the product has been bought, you simply print out a postage label and then send it. The money for the postage label comes out of the total money that you received. Like I have already said, I have sold several items and they have all been of different shapes and sizes, but it is still so easy to just go to a local post office and sent the item. However, selling products does have a consequence - insertion fees. Insertion fees are fees you must pay in order to sell an item. When selling my first item I noticed that an extra £0.95 had been taken off my total I received. I thought that this was the insertion fees and therefore thought nothing more of it. However, after selling many more items, I received a email saying that I hadn't paid any of my insertion fees. As a result, I discovered that I owed £21.95. That may  not seem that high of an amount, but because I am only young and do not have a job, I was unable to pay the fees. Every now and then I pay £1.00 to the insertion fees, but I still owe roughly £12.00. I recently received an email saying that my account would be suspended or sent to a collection agency if I didn't pay the fees within the next week. I contacted ebay to express how much I feared my account being sent to a collection agency but they reassured me it wouldn't be sent. So far, my account hasn't been suspended.

In conclusion, with regards to buying through ebay, I suggest reading the description carefully to the product and look at all negative and positive feedback related to the item/seller. It may mean buying the more expensive option, but it may just save a lot of your time. If you intend to use ebay purely for buying, buy things like dvds as they are certain to be cheap and it is very likely that they will work. And in regards to selling, make sure to pay fr the insertion fees after every item you sell to make sure that you account isn't suspended or sent to a collection agency.

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