Ebay misstreatment members

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EBay as with many large established companies are in a position of blatant deception corroboration with incompetent deceitful attitude.
Their arbitration incompetence unfairness betrayal of members supporting deceitful members for monitory gain all in the name of ebayism.
Buyer Generally Honest
Vendor Generally Honest
EBay deceitful dishonest are trying to show supremacy, If that was the case members ought to be confident in the knowledge members are fairly represented,.
This is not the case whilst in many Actions that I have been tied & involved in both as vendor and buyer in most cases adjudiation in the unfairness off members who have been unjustly represented with dealings with eBay one sided claim and counterclaim,.
EBay are the notorious for incorrect decisions, I am personally knowledgeable that the adjudicators are not the personnel that adjudicate fairly they are ignorant arrogant totally lacking empathy unjust bias especially bias towards the larger sales funded as opposed to the minor buyer vendor their adjudicators are adults with 5 year olds altitudes.
I will say without bias EBay are in a very difficult awkward position they are not equipped or posses the ability to be adjudicate fairly with a lack of guidance especially with the verity of items advertised, How can a fair decision be adjudicated in any cases with 8.000.000 + members.
I have on two recent occasions been involved in two misguided call via eBay adjudication especially as I have mentioned the lack of experience.
1st occasion
an advert naming train and rolling stock with electric points and several rails heavily rusted the advert stated rusty  rails missing fish plates broken damaged waggons electric left and right hand points also standard points a buyer came forward in an auction. the auction closed the items boxed and posted 24 hours later the female buyer immediately put in for misrepresentation and i was ordered to reimburse the buyer and the cheek, i had to reimburse the postage upon receipt a smaller box off which did alarm me as the box sent was 40% larger i examined the items and found points electric missing two carriages removed, contacting eBay stating my findings or ought i say not finding items that were missing the items returned i stated the facts and eBay responded with refund the item price plus postage.
occasion an BIN with offer the buyer received items asking price £18 offer £10 I accepted 2 day delivery the beggar wanted his money refunded claiming 1st try the drawer on the ROM does not open i refused, stating all good he then tries an alternative attempt the item misrepresented . this anal retentive has misrepresented and changed his / her eBay names 5 times  he / she does not know who they are
this member pulls a stunt then changes his / her ID ebay love This type of member
they give extra support to this type of crooked member check every part of a vendore and buyer before you too get stung
mogoy2k                                                                  07-Apr-03               15-Jul-04
ready_steady_bid                                                15-Jul-04                 11-Jul-07
minute2go                                                               11-Jul-07                  08-Nov-14
amigasales                                                               08-Nov-14               06-Jul-15
 imayhavewhatyourelookingfor               06-Jul-15                  Present  

 I am not at all surprised the shit head complained he is a winger whiner,.
 EBay are untrustworthy deceitful eBay favour all who make high returns,.
 EBay are the biggest bigots corporate shysters
 EBay favour their pay packets to supporting smaller members

occation EBay none cooperation  I sold two commodore computers to " arturbujdoso"  member in london posted separetly the recipient failed to recieve one of two, I contacted carrier who stated 1 of two non complience and refunded p&p,.
I immediatly refunded buyer,
two day`s past carrier informed delivery 2 off 2 I contacted buyer stated carriers delivery the buyer said hard luck I have recieved 1 of 1 and refund I again requested payment from buyer who stated 2 of 2 recieved i`m happy hard luck.
I reported buyer on 3 june  EBay are looking into this aspect firsly they cannot find the first complaint  still looking into this aspect now cannot find the complaint on thier system . I belive they cannot be botherd with any and will still be looking next year the year after,.
Do not trust buyers vendor esspecially assitance from ebay unless you are a buyer. Buy it use abuse it and return it U N L E S S  the item is listed broken parts spares repairs which take note you may still have to refund item price p&p EBay adjudicators are stupid inability to read the advert lazy and cannot be bothered to adjudicate
total lacking experience in the field of fairess if you cannot do the job get the heck otta the way and let others who can achieve fairness,.
taking into account doggy sellers buyers or thieves as ebay is full o both be Awear of EBay baddies



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