Ebay more unsafe now - Shill bidding

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Ebays new policy of hiding the bidders identity is a open season for Shill bidders.

This new policy hides all other bidders names from you when you are bidding on an item. This enables friends family and employees to bid on the item pushing up the price you pay with no chance of ever being caught. In the past I have carefully researched any posible link between sellers and bidders to enable me to make a valued judgement. Believe it I have found a few dodgy bids usually on high value items and walked away from the item.

How now, can we the buyers make this valued judgement. Not exactly an open playing field now with hidden information all over the place. If you stood in an open auction you can see the opposing bidders and make a judgement especially when you saw them arrive in the same car and one was the seller.

I am afraid that this will increase Shill bidding and buyers will lose out once again.

Please be carefull.



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