Ebay only care about listing fees

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Thats the gods honest truth. You can list ANYTHING and if you get away with it great, if not then great for ebay, they`ve got their money. Its could be someones head you`ve just cut off. They`ll happily let you put it up for auction until you`re reported but by then they`ve got their cut. The sad thing is, you can just re-advertise it again and away you go.

Ebay, in the last few months has been littered with non payers, scammers, idiots, crooks and theifs and what have they done? NOTHING. Last week my mate had 2 `bidders` bid on his phone right up to silly money. The winning bidder has 683 feedback at 100% positive.He then stated he was from Nigeria. (They had hijacked some poor souls account).

The second chance guy (obviously upping the bids and cash) didn`t want to know and the Third guy thought it was a scam. (obviously).

 I mean nearly EVERY swiss watch/watch part/ is a fake/knock off or has a fault. Genuine Breitling watch strap for £.9.95? Come on!!!!!  Its full of knock off and stolen stuff. We all know it. People live in fear of having their feedback tarnished and end up paying listing fees to relist something that some `scammer` or non paying bidder has won. But hey! As long as Ebay gets their money , all is well as far as they`re concerned.

 It wouldn`t surprise me if in a few years time Ebay falls on its ar se but the scammers and trade sellers will probably keep it going. There are some seriously decent people selling (and buying) on ebay its just a shame that its being infiltrated by the day by the seedy and dishonest.

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