Ebay seller HONEST_JOE2008

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A warning!!!!!

I purchased an expensive microwave from this person (calls himslef Honest_Joe2008, thats a laugh!!) 2 weeks ago, never heard anything from him so emailed him several times, no reply, FINALLY got a reply saying there was a problem with his ebay account and there was nothing he could do until ebay sorted it out. EBAY HAVE TOLD ME THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH HIS ACCOUNT! I have now opened a dispute with ebay/paypal, the sellers response to this is that he is no longer dealing with ebay or paypal and i will have to claim my money back via Paypal!

This is outrageous but neither ebay or Paypal seem to be doing anything about it.

I am sure there are other buyers that this person has done the same thing to? Would be nice to hear from you.

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