Ebay sellers claimimg to be UK based!!!!

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There is an alarming rate of overseas sellers signing up and getting UK based credentials so you assume you will be getting your item from the UK.

I was recently conned by a chinese seller  ( JOANTROX ) who has since been suspended from Ebay claiming to be UK based lucky for me i paid for the item via paypal, ebay cancelled the listing which left me wondering what's going on i emailed the seller did not get a reply and filed a claim through Paypal, i was fortunate to recover my monies so i did not lose out but had the trouble and stress of waiting over 10 days for the outcome.

Let's be realistic Ebay cannot be on top of every fraudulant activity that goes on but they do get there, so we have to look out for sellers that try to rip us off look for the following:

1) Cost of the item if it's to low it's to good to be true.

2) How many they are selling if they are selling a large quantity, do they really have that many to sell.

3) Check there feedback, what country is it coming from, sometimes these sellers sell low price items to build there + feedback up then throw in the item they want to rip people off with by listing hoping you will check the feeback so that it's good and purchase anyway.

4) they want immediate payment and offer it on a lower price so you have to pay via paypal using your credit or debit card then list the same item as and auction so you pay more ( remember your credit card transaction will only cover you if your purchase is over £100.00 sterling under the credit cards T&C Section 33) debit cards do not get the same protection.

4) Check the spelling on the listing.

5) Ask questions from the seller if you do not get a reply then do not bother.


Let's make ebay a safer place to shop, good luck to you all.

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