Ebay unfair to customers

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This year I thought I would really go for it and use ebay as a trading partner and sell inventory from my website on it, well everything went well for the first week, made quite a few sales, then ebay suspended my account for an afflaition with another account that was in violation.

My dilema was that all the orders that you have taken and dispatched or waiting to dispatch gets wiped out from your account, clients get worried because you are no longer trading, put disputes into paypal, they can send messages to you but ebay wil not let you reply. I finaly resolved that situation after 9 days (it was an old account that I had which I thought was shut and owed £13, it would have cost ebay more than that in lost revenue if they had let me sort it out immediately.)

Then off we go doing well again then ebay does not like my terms and conditions (I listed 400 products with the same t&c's) and decided to take off 36 products some of which I had sold so all sales were canceed on those items, customers were upset, the whole 9 yards again.

One day after I was suspended for 7 days for selling oem software for which I was a licensed vendor, ebay did not want to know , no negotiation just wants to punish vendor and ultimately the clients.

Consequently all orders were lost more angry clients who can not understand what is happening?

Ebay UK give us a telephone number like Ebay US has to try and sort things out and keep clients happy.

As there is nothing better than ebay I am still trying to stay within the rules and make a living but when a compeditor who comes along who listens and wants to look after its customers I off to join them.

Ebay UK sort out yur customer relations policy or it will be your undoing.

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