Ebay unpaid fees pay or be well outa pocket.

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Well where do i start then.

I will start of by saying i had sold an item which the buyer insisted on sending me a postal order.

Because of this i did not have funds in my paypal to pay my fees for that month.

I contacted ebay to tell them the payment would be delayed due to the fact i didnt have paypal funds.

They sent me back some stupid audomated responce like they always do that was not very helpfull.

Also they had frozen my seller account for 3 days due to a breach of policy error i made which left my current items frozen and i could not edit them to lower my prices.

This is what i sent them after asking me to pay fees.

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Message: you will have to wait till i have some money to pay as right
now i dont have any. and since you stoped me selling for 3 days well its
just delayed things.


Hello Mark,

Thanks for your email. I understand that you would like to make the
payment once you have the money.

I appreciate the opportunity to assist you as quickly as possible.

After reviewing your account, I can confirm that your account is active
and in good standing. You need to set up your payment method as
currently you do not have one. Let me remind you that unless you set up
a payment method your account will be restricted to a listing limit of
upto £15.00. There is also an unpaid balance of £7.48 due on your
account. Hence you need to make payment soon.

Message: The payment is about to get paid after this message so shut up

which as soon as i sent that i paid the fees.

Then i get this joke of a message.

Hello eBay Member,

Thanks for your email. I understand your concern in regard to paying
your fees towards your eBay account.

On reviewing our database, I can inform you that we have referred your
details to a debt collection agency because we didn't receive payment
for your eBay fees. Your outstanding balance is £68.59.

As your account has been outsourced to a collection agency, there are
some collection charges added to your payment amount. Please contact the
agency directly to make the payment.

Transcom Worldwide : 0844 742 2062

Should have any difficulties contacting the agency, please let us know
by sending us an email at the following address:


Once you have made the payment to the collection agency, please be aware
that it may take up to 10 days for this to be shown on your eBay
account. Once your payment has cleared, we will reinstate your account
if non-payment was the only reason for the suspension of your account.

now what gets me is the fees was paid! and a day later i get that message.

well nobody can just forward a debt to debt collectors  after a 1 week late payment!

who do ebay think they are.

they are a complete joke and caused me  nothing but problems and im so angry!

my last problem was with listings i was selling an item and they removed it. i asked then to let me relist as i was within the rules of policy so they reviewd it and mailed me to relist. then they took it off again and i asked them why so they reviewd it again then and told me to relist only to take it down yet again.

guiess what i complained again and they told me it was another mistake and that it could be relisted.

this went on for weeks and always at the end hours of aution got removed.

i could go on all day about how it was on then off then on then off but the fact is they dont have a clue and cause nothing but problems.

their support is shocking. they should all work on production lines or as street cleaners or something because they are useless at their jobs.


becareful when selling on ebay if your fees are late you could find massive charges! and bailiffs


Ebay are completely numb and have no brains and sell their asses on the street for $2





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