Ebays New Feedback ?????

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Hello all you ebayers out there , I havent written a review for a long time so this is overdue !! .

I just want to voice my opinion on how I feel about the new system that ebay has installed with regards to leaving feedback ,

I know it would be very difficult to find a system that is fair to both Buyer and Seller when it comes to Feedback but I feel that the new system isnt the answer !!! , if you read the reviews that I have already written you will see the one about me being taken by a Scammer and my 100% feedback suffered because I tried to stop other people taken in the same way .

If I now sell an item and the buyer for whatever reason decides to give me a negative feedback I am unable to return the compliment even if I have done nothing wrong !!, I can give you many instances of why this can happen but I will give you just one ! , some time ago I sold 5 1940s  £1 notes , I am not a dealer especially in Bank Notes and these notes to my mind were in uncirculated condition especially as they were over 65 years old ! , well they were bought by an avid collector and an expert in these items so after he had examined them under a microscope (and he did !) I got a right snotty mail asking me why I had told him lies about the condition , well as far as I was concerned I had told him the total truth TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE !!! .

Now this can happen with any item we sell but the new system will allow the Buyer to give the Seller a chance to destroy our feedback knowing full well that his own feedback cant suffer !!! , I dont think thats fair so if by chance you feel the same way as I do please let Ebay know your feelings and let them find a system that is fair to both Buyer and Seller , especially the sellers because we are the people that pay the bills with the commisions that we pay and they are not cheap are they ??.

Thanks to all that read this .

Mal Asterley .   



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