Ebooks for profit on ebay

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I never sleep!!

o.k  - please ignore the bad grammer, spelling and probably foul text

here it is
- the only true niche left on ebay
now - normally people like myself would turn this insight into an ebook and sell it off for profit
but hey not me
it's saturday night and with my better half two hundred miles away and i've had a few beers so
yes this might seem weird to be writing this guide at this time of night but bare with me

the one true niche market on ebay and even the internet is
-wait for it

you can mess about with ebooks as long as you want but sooner or later youll find that you need these people
because they have come to ebay looking for money!!
whether you're looking for resellers or parters
- these people are the best market
because of ebay's new members numbers!!
thousands of NEW buyers every day
and it keeps growing

the bottom line is
- if you cater for newbies you'll ALWAYS have costumers
thats it
i hope you got an idea for a product  from this
it's my first guide so it probably reads like crap but hey i am only trying to help

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