Egg before the chicken~

Like if this guide is helpful

I feel very strongly if you  are prepared to pay the seller a decent price for eggs you will recieve good eggs fresh & fertile.

I expect to pay  80p -3.50/eggs depending on what they are...

Even if it's a hobby or a living you still have to feed & care for the birds, vits & minerals good quality feed is £8.00/ bag wormer £25.00 per pot.

Royal Mail seems to be the fall guy for every infertile egg on this entire site..and that rubbish.

There is no such thing as a "free" lunch in this life.

As with all things in life you get what you pay for most of the time and the odd real bargin along the journey.

Postage & Packaging should be of a sensible cost poly boxes about a£1.00 6 eggs recorded del are 3.25-3.75

bit for tape & a little for fuel to trip off to the post office.

I have checked out an awful lot of quality breeds advertising on the internet & a giiuide to pricing is an average of all of the ones viewed

Hatching eggs depending on breeds £1.20-£ £5.00 [ some of the rare colours & breeds]

Day old Unsexed chicks £5.50-£7.50

8 week old pulets 25.50 -30.00 each

SO do you expect as a buyer to get an amazing hatch of chicks when you pay £2.50 for 6 eggs & £3.75-£5.25 on postage.

AN EXAMPLE  =M&S 6 organic free range eggs £2.20/ carton........

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