Electric Bike Buying Guide

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Electric Bike Buying Guide

Love riding a bicycle but hate the effort you have to put into pedalling over rough terrain or steep hills? An electric bike is the remedy. Fun to ride and easy to navigate, new or used electric bikes run on rechargeable batteries. The bikes come in different types, just like traditional bikes, so choose the bike based on your riding preferences. Purchase an electric bike and get ready for a smooth, safe riding experience, combined with the fun of an old-fashioned bike ride, but without the hassle.


Electric Mountain Bike

If you are an adventurous bike rider, then purchase an electric mountain bike meant for rocky terrain or mountain biking expeditions. An electric mountain bike works for off-road riding and makes hills and cross-country terrain a piece of cake to navigate. Take the worry and work out of mountain biking with an electric mountain bike. Choose from reputable brands like Ridgeback, Haibike, and Synergie, and find a bike with features like front suspension, many different settings, and disc brakes.


Electric Cruiser

A perfect everyday bike for short rides, an electric cruiser looks and feels similar to a traditional bicycle. These bikes are much less expensive than mountain bikes, but they are also very basic and simple. Avoid taking a cruiser off-roading or on long distances, as they are not this bike's strong suit. However, if you enjoy short rides and do not have the money to buy an expensive electric bike, a cruiser bike is a good option. Cruisers are the most comfortable of all the electric bikes.


Electric Road Bike

For the frequent road rider who does not need an off-road bike but enjoys spending time on a cycle, an electric road bike, or city bike, is the best choice. These road bikes are high-speed electric bikes which offer riders great distances on one charge, making commuting and road riding stress free. Narrow tyres, even weight distribution, and a good-sized motor make even pedal-assist rides free of frustration. Electric road bikes are not as comfortable as cruisers; they work for speed and distance. Disc brakes make stopping smooth and glitch free.


Electric Hybrid Bike

An electric hybrid bike gives you the best of both worlds. It uses the power of your pedalling along with a motor to increase your power to bring you a bike that keeps you fit and gives you a smooth ride at the same time. Hybrids are the most popular type of electric bikes, and since they mix the features of mountain and road bikes, they offer on and off-road capabilities. The bikes are also comfortable and efficient.


Folding Electric Bike

If you like travelling with your electric bike, then opt for a convenient folding electric bike which stows in your boot easily. The bikes are lightweight, compact, and offer the same features as regular electric bikes, without the bulk. Features include front suspension and high-performance brakes.

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