Electric cars

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Fast cars for small children
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Fast cars for small children

There's many electric cars on sale, some really good to look at, but not necessarily practical. To be able to drive one of these you must be able to understand simple instructions, so 2-3years. By the time there 4 they out grow. Do you feel like it's a waste of money? With needing good weather to take it outside or room to use it inside. 

But before buying an electric car, check out to see if it has parental controls. The Bugatti pictured came with a remote control for adult use. Two presents sorted in one, my little boy loves to sit in it and play with the buttons, while his daddy loves the fact he has a big remote control car to play with. 

The car comes with many great features such as working lights, indicators and a simple radio. With bottoms easily assessable on the sterring wheel. For the mummies and daddies it also has a phone/iPod slot to plug and listen to your own music. Yes that's right the car acts a huge speaker so if your sick of the music thats stuck there plug your phone up and play songs you can all enjoy. With the parenting controls and added seatbelt for safety this car can be used from the time a child can up and hold themselves. This also gives you more chances of use which means you don't mind paying £30+ 

What you waiting for its nearly CHRISMTAS!!! Would your little boy/girl love one!!! I know mine do!!! 

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