Electronic Cigarette FAQ

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What is an Electronic Cigarette?
It's a device that's giving the smoker the real effects and the same satisfaction of a traditional cigarette using an air flow sensor, atomizing chamber, a rechargeable battery, micro-electronic components, and finally a cartridge containing a small dose of nicotine, flavour & propylene glycol.
How do I switch my electronic cigarette on?
The Electronic cigarette is turned on when you inhale and will automatically turn off again afterwards.
The first time I tried my new E-cigarette I got a funny taste, why?
To protect the atomizer the first time it's used, it has been primed with a nicotine liquid which can taste a bit funny for the first few puffs.
Please allow a few minutes of puffing, before the real taste from your new cartridge is in the atomizer system.
Does the vapour of the E-Cigarette smell?
The smell that is released is only the aroma of the flavour you are 'smoking'. It does not contain tobacco, and
usually you can't smell it at all.
What must I do when my E-cigarette blinks for 30 seconds?
The battery is empty, so you need to recharge it.
Are the cartridges compatible with the different types of E-cigarettes?
No, each E-cigarette is using its own type of cartridge.
Does it really feel like a real cigarette?
Yes, it really does. You get the same feeling (kick) in the throat as a real cigarette, and the taste is really close if you buy tobacco flavour.
Is it real smoke that is released?
No, its propylene glycol mist.
You can even make smoke rings if want to.
When do I have to change cartridge?
When the vapour decreases it's time to change the cartridge, and, or charge the battery.
Can I feel any difference if I start smoking E-cigarettes?
When I stopped smoking the real cigarettes, I stopped coughing in the morning, I could taste & smell much better, my lunges doesn't sound like an old train anymore, and my home doesn't smell like garbage anymore. So yes, you will be amazed how fast you can feel the change. There are many more advantages obviously, as there are no cancer causing chemicals in an E-cigarette, but those are the differences you will feel in a matter of days.

How can I clean the Atomizer?
 Actually there is not yet an effective way to clean any atomizer in the electronic smoking product range without damage it. What we can suggest are the following:
1. It is not so necessary to clean the atomizer inside actually, it produces 250'C degrees to clean itself when vaporizing.
2. If you think the atomizer is blocked after certain period of usage, it's better to replace the atomizer.
Most e-cig users have many spare atomisers and batteries.

Should I charge the battery when I first use?
Yes, you need to charge the battery first until the light of the charger becomes green from red. We recommend you charge one more hour when the light becomes green.
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