Electronic Cigarettes

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I smoked 40 - 50 a day for nearly 30 years, tried everything to give it up. My doctor mentioned "Electronic Cigarettes" as a possibility, so I bought one on eBay. Fantastic, best thing I ever did, it has changed my life. I no longer smoke, and in fact haven't had a cigarette since the day the placebo arrived. I'm not here to recommend any particular brand or seller, but I will say that the guy I bought off had it delivered the next day, and the product is spot on. I would avoid the really cheap chinese stuff (but that goes for everything on eBay to be honest), but you don't have to pay TOP dollar either. Mine was about £32 with 20 nicotine cartridges and a spare battery and charger. If you look a my feedback left you'll see the item. I have NO connection with the seller or anything to gain from the product's sales, I'm just compelled to write this cos it really has worked for me.

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