Electronic Drum kits scams ROLAND, etc

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I've now been involved perhaps 3 times with people trying to suck me into bogus deals with the roland drums. All very similar, and hilariously the english gets worse each time. There is a giude about what to look for etc. The person kept asking me to pay and he would ship it to me, he claimed to have moved in England (I'm a UK resident) and therefore needed to sell as he had another kit (Besides that I think he copied someone else's sale). He was offering to pay shipping and not accept me to collect, he would not give me his current address, but another...which seemed like a hotel (I checked it out online) he also sent me the entire details for his bank card and it was for a different name, this however may or may not be the person (hijacking someone else's details). I will publish the name in this guide that he had used for the account, just in case you see the same name. Ilie Robert Chebar
This person is still trying very hard to get me to pay, however I am having a fun time just asking random questions, and  him just asking have I made the payment.

He claims that UPS needs the payment to ship my item. Additionally he always quotes zip codes and not postal codes, therefore knowing little of this country.

I personally want to just kick the person in the face. Just remember, bank balances are dangerous, if they send you their sort code etc, check it out anyway. I am 99% sure it will be an offshore account, as this one is. Initially due to his bad english I just thought he was a little dim....... and granted him the benefit of the doubt. Avoid bank balance transfers where possible, and it's good to deal with people you know you can meet. For high value items try and see them. If the other side is offering a highly priced shipping for free, be wary, why are they offering to pay £100s to ship your item? ESPECIALLY when the item itself seems waaaaay cheaper than it should be.

These people are persistent, really, really persistant. You have to be totally aware of what they are saying, and until you are absolutely sure then you should go ahead. In the mean time give them no details. They may complain at you trying to use extra precautions, do not be pressured by them into a quick buy. If you are slightly unsure, just don't buy it. Perhaps spend the extra few £100 to buy a legit item with real insuances.


I hope this was useful!




Watch out on gumtree, I had a guy trying to scam me on there, there is another guide written about it aswell. I think it may be one man or a group of people, the names seemed Romanian (nothing against them) it's just that they were claiming to be sending from london or middlesbrough (due to them apparently moving) etc etc. The kits are on sale for less than half the normal price so that's an obvious sign. And the English is just horrific.


OH yeah and look out for YAHOO email accounts. They all seem to use yahoo....


p.s. try to get a landline number, not a mobile number, this will give you an address to which the line is used. Do everything you can to validate the person and item is real!

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