Email scam- Fake receipt from PayPal

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There is a new e-mail scam, they pretend to be from paypal, saying that you have paid for a golf caddy from Debbies RC and to click on their link if you want to dispute the payment. This is a scam designed to get your paypal details. Debbie's RC World is a genuine site and they have posted the following warning:

Subject: In step Push Cart it is a Hoax also Raven Sportwerks ST is a Hoax

In regards to an Email of My Caddy Push Cart and Sportwerks Raven ST it is a Fake Receipt that you have received please forward it to and let them handle it. This email was not created by us, but someone has stolen our email address and our store name and is using it to solicit info from people. Please do not click the dispute link because it brings up a fake website that looks like paypal but is not and notice in the address bar that web address is not real as well. If you by chance have already hit the dispute button and keyed in your info , you need to cancel everything! Thye now have your info!! Contact your local Fraud Department Please forward this receipt and this response that I am sending you to all your friends that you have on ebay and also in your email address book so that we can stop and stamp out this fraud that is being solicited. This info is for Fake purchase of a Sportwerks Raven St ($189.99) and a In Step Push Caddy ($124.99) & (28.99) Thank you!!

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