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There as been many comments on forums on ebay or emails sent by ebay as well as even information on ebay and pay pal web sites giving information about how to avoid being scamed by email for your account details password ect. Now i am not going to write a long information review on the do's and don'ts as i have been trading myself on ebay for 5 years and simply cannot understand why people can not get there head around how easy it is to remember rules to avoid being the victim of fraudulant emails. I will give you a few tips but at the end i will give you one simple golden rule to remember and i promise if you stick to this rule you will never become a victim of email fraud.

If you are a seller and you get loads of emails from ebay on the ask seller a question form and you click the respond button and it then asks you to sign in. DONT although this can be quite genuine sometimes it is just another scammer trying to get your login details. If you are already logged in to ebay then it should not ask you to login to answer a question but just to confirm this i log out of ebay then log back in if you then answer the question and it still asks you to sign in then you can bet that it is a scam. To be honest most scammers do not even take the effort and care with there emails and they are quite easy to spot straight off as the grammer and spellings are bad, as well as the html being all over the place within the email. You can often tell that the email just does not look right. Pay pal another simple mistake made by pay pal scammers and an easy way to quickly tell this kind of fake email. When you get an email from pay pal they will always address you by your personal name and not dear pay pal user as is the cause with most fake pay pal emails, just bin them straight away. Another way to look at the email is by clicking the header button on your email this will show you were the email originated from and if it does not end in then you know its a scam. some scammer wont even bother trying to cover there tracks and you might get and email from an adress from something like anything@ or anything that looks simular to or mentions the company name to fool some people. As i have said there are many ways to protect yourself from fraudsters another one is to download the ebay toolbar which will let you know if you are entering a fake site or not. As i said i could go on all day giving you tips how to avoid being scammed by email but here is the Golden rule

NEVER NEVER give any personal informatiom account details passwords or even login through an email. Ebay or pay pal will never ask you for personal details by email and if an email ask you to login learn from what i have told you above to avoid being stung.

STOP Scammers NOW ebay and pay pal canot find every scam site on there own and they do rely on poeple just like you important members of the interent community to help them to close these scam sites down if in doubt about any email or you are aware that that email is fake please forward it to: for ebay scam emails to spoof@ebay .com  for pay pal scam emails spoof@paypal .com  in doing this you are helping to protect other members from being scammed by these emails as ebay and pay pal will work with internet servers to close these sites down quickly

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