Emmaljunga Twin Cerox

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When I first got this pram when my twins were born I loved it as it was big and looked great.  I soon realised it was too bulky and awkward to fold and too big for my car boot ( we have an estate car).  

Now my twins are 18 months old and I have finally thrown it in the bin.  Basically it has been back at the factory more than it's been in my house.  Apparently I walk too much and my children are too heavy.  Three times now it has been sent back with the same fault. Here I am walking along the street when my pram collapses with my babies in it. It literally just folds.  Not good!!

I've always thought you get what you pay for but not with an Emmaljunga pram you don't.  All the joins are made of cheap plastic and the aftersales service isn't too hot either. Generally when we have a problem we have to wait about 3 to 4 weeks to get our pram back on the road. Any parent of twins will know you just can't live without your pram for that length of time.  At the price it's not as if you can afford to have another pram just lying around as a spare.

I hope this helps anyone looking for twin prams/strollers

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