Emmaljunga Twin Cerox

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This a superb double pram/pushchair that really saved my sanity when my twins were small.  It is top quality and so practical with separate seats that recline independently, washable seat covers, one of the best hood systems that tilts fully over or back with a sunroof/viewing flap and a part that zips off in summer to allow a breeze.  There's a big apron that keeps the wind off and means that the raincover is only needed on really wet days. You can keep the apron in the big pocket on the back of the hood.  The handle is adjustable for your height and it is really easy to flip over while they're in the pram in literally three seconds to have the children facing you or away from you. There is a brake on front or back that makes it easy to use either way.  There is suspension and tyres are pneumatic like bike wheels that means they run on grass or country lanes really easily. The smooth ride, big hood and lift up full size footrests makes it really comfortable for the kids. Laid back with the footrest up it is more like a bed than a seat. There is a decent enough shopping basket underneath.

You get the quality you pay for. I've never had a problem in 4 years.  The pram is bombproof and yes it is bigger and heavier than cheaper double prams out there but it depends what you want it for- I kept it in the boot of my estate car and made no attempt to keep it inside. If the kids were asleep after a walk out, then I could bring it into the conservatory through the double doors. It is heavy to lift into the car but with practise you get a technique for it.  Even though it is heavy to lift up, it is so well balanced that it glides along really easily even on grass and you can do it one-handed - on pavements even my two year old could push it along like a walker if I bent the handle down low. I had one of the first models with four equal, fixed wheels and had no problems turning but I understand the new ones have two swivel wheels now.  I don't know what differnce that will make to the ride or handling.

Going round shops is no better or worse than other side-by-side double prams.  These days shops are legally required to accomodate wheelchairs anyway, and where a wheelchair can go so can any of the double prams. I've had someone rush past and fall over the front of an earlier tandem on a busy Saturday as they didn't realise the pram was sticking out so far in front of me- that's why I prefer side by side prams anyway. Altogether my twins love it, I loved it and all my family and friends used to love pushing it.



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