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I don't think that I have ever been so excited about a delivery as the day my Emu Boots arrived!  I ordered Stringer hi boots in chestnut, I prefer the hi boots to the low boots as they provide extra warmth on the leg.  I am normally a size 7 and I had tried this size on in the shops and had found that my toes were right at the end of the shoe, therefor I ordered a size 8, I was right to order the size 8 there is plenty of room for my toes and the wool keeps my foot in place!

When I first took them out of the box I was quiet anxious at how big they looked, but don't be fooled the wool takes up a lot of space inside the boot.  Overtime the wool should pad down inside the boot.  The top of the boot reaches about half way up my calf, from the sole of the boot to the very top of the boot, they measure about 13.5" in height, which is good for me as I have long legs!

They are made to a very high standard, they are stitched well, with wool in between.  I guess this will vary from boot to boot, but the suede is soft and flexible and allows you to walk normally rather than goose stepping.  I love the colour chestnut, it goes wonderfully with denim and compliments other colours such as black and shades of blue!

Wearing them defiantly reaches my expectations, they are super comfortable and snuggly, they are easy to pull on and off and are lightweight too.  You can even wear these without socks, but even when wearing socks they don't overheat your feet!  These boots have an advantage as they have a reinforced heel, they hold your foot in place lovely, with little to no risk of your foot rubbing and becoming sore, I prefer these to the more popular UGG boots.

The EMU logo it stitched onto the back of the boot and co-ordinates with the colour of the boot, giving you that designer look but nothing overpowering, there is another small descreate logo to the top of the boot too.  The heel is very sturdy and will last as long time, the EMU logo on the sole of the boot is raised allowing for more grip, between the boot and the ground, I would be confident to wear these when icy!

These boots look fantastic with denim skinny jeans, and alongside other fashions such as mini skirts with dark tights, super versatile.  Due to the colour I may have to buy some suede protector just as an extra safeguard against winter stains.  Overall I am in love with my EMU boots and enjoy showing them off, I do think that they are better than the more popular UGG boots for me anyway, I also feel that they are a good winter boot investment, lasting a good few winters, I cant wait for the winter weather to set in now so I can rock my EMU boots!
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