Energizer Portable Rechargeable Battery Charger

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The Energizer Portable is a highly advanced battery charger which will give many years of trouble free continuous use when used correctly.
The charger is designed specifically for high performance Nickel Metal Hydride batteries of over 1300mah for AA and 800mah AAA Cells. Lower capacity cells should not be used.
Charging times are approximately 2 Hours for 2000mah AAs and 2.5 Hours for 850mah AAAs.
Charging batteries in this device could not be easier as the charging process is fully automated once the charging pods are inserted into the base. The charger will charge up to 8 cells left unattended, charging one pod at a time.
In order to get the best from the charging process it is important that only batteries of the same size, capacity and level of discharge are charged in an individual pod at the same time. Each pod will charge either 2 or 4 AA or AAA batteries.
The main components of the charger are,
UK 3 Pin plug in mains transformer which is of World Wide Voltage 100 to 240V, so with the use of a suitable adaptor will enable you to use the charger wherever in the world you may be as long as there is an available mains electric supply. Output of the transformer is 12V 1A.
Base for the Charging Pods.
Battery charging Pods which will hold and charge either 2 or 4 AA or AAA batteries.
Simple Instructions for the Charger
Insert batteries to be charged in the charging pod ensuring that the cells are inserted the correct way up.
Always disconnect from the power when inserting or removing the charging Pods.
Each pod should only have batteries of the same size and capacity.
If you are charging 2 batteries only it is important to insert the batteries into the right hand side of the pod.
Insert the Pods into the charger, the pods will only insert one way.
Switch the charger on at the mains.
Each pod has a built in LED indicator showing the current charging status.
Red LED indicates that the batteries in the pod are charging.
Amber LED indicates the batteries in the Pod are waiting to be charged.
Green LED indicates that the batteries in the Pod are fully charged waiting to be used.
Flashing Red Green LED indicates that the current batteries in the Pod cannot be charged and charging has stopped. Charging may stop for reasons including:-
1. The cells have been inserted the wrong way.
2. The cells are fully charged.
3. The cells are not of the same size or capacity.
4. The cells have past the minimum charge state for the charger to handle. In some cases the batteries can be recovered by charging in a conventional charger for a couple of minutes.
If the batteries have been discharged or self discharged beyond the chargers ability to start the charge they will require charging in a standard type charger firstly. This charger will not charge completely flat or dead batteries.
5. The pods were removed or added while the charging process was taking place. If this happens please switch off at the mains wait for approximately one minute and switch on again.

This charger is designed for high capacity Nickel Metal Hydride AA or AAA batteries only. Trying to charge batteries of other types may cause serious injury or fire
Batteries of differing capacities and sizes should not be charged in the same pod at the same time.
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