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I would recommend this book to ANYONE who is taking a degree in Maths, Physics, Engineering or any other subject that has a lot of seemingly complicated Maths involved. This book, unlike many others, does NOT assume that you got an A at A-level maths. The first half of the book is concerned with what it calls "Foundation Topics". These cover everything that A-level Maths should have included but it is makes sure you can do the basics before moving on to the harder, more challenging topics in the second half of the book. The topics are laid out in clear step by step frames. There are quizes at the start of each chapter to assess how much you already know, and self check boxes and more quizes at the end to see how much you have learned. The second part of the book is why I am guessing a lot of people will buy it, as it is more concerned with Degree level maths than A-level. It covers all the topics in depth and there are plenty of worked examples. What amazed me more about this already fantastic book was the free CD that came with it. I wasn't convinced at first that it would be any good, as it just seemed like a freebie, but I loaded it up and was welcomed by all the topics that appear in the book. There were literally hundreds of questions covering all the topics which you can answer and check on screen, with hints and tips, and the relevent working if you get stuck. The free CD goes above and beyond what I expected of the book, and I am imagining that if you were to buy a Maths CD on its own, you'd be looking at another £20-£30. There is also online support at their companion website, so if you're realy stuck there are even more notes and more questions that you can work through. All in all if you are in any doubt about buying this book don't be. It is a fantastic resourse and the only one you will need. It will become my Bible in my first year MPhys.
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