Ensure Your Ebay Auction Title Sells Sells Sells

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"Ensure You have the best Auction Title"

When many ebayers list an item to sell on eBay they often dont pay much attention to their ebay title and this is a surefire way to auction failure.

Your ebay item title is of the upmost importance and I can give you a few tips to help make sure you get the most exposure and selling potential from your ebay item title description.

Ebay provide you will the best selling tools possible but not every ebayer even knows about most of the tools ebay has.

My absolute favourite ebay tool has to be the advanced search function.

I discovered this function a long time ago when I read a 1p ebook guide and I can honestly say I would never list an item on ebay without first using the advanced search function.

So whats the big deal about the advanced search function, well for one thing, you can view every single item that is currently listed on ebay or every item that has ended.

Now its the ended items that we are interested in.

If you look to to the top right when you are logged into ebay you will see Advanced Search.

On clicking or selecting this option you are presented with the Search: Find Items page.

At "Enter Keyword or Item Number" you can insert relevant words to your item, be as broad as possible so that you can get as many results returned as possible.

So say I was selling an ebook about Bonsai Trees, I would type in Bonsai at keyword.

Now as I am only interested in the items that have ended, I will tick the box underneath that says "Completed Listings Only".

Ok, now I scroll right down to the bottom and click on "Search".

Ebay will now give me a return of results matching my keyword, that are items that have recently ended.

You will see all the items will have either a green or red price amount.

Green means that the item sold, and Red means that the item did not sell.

We are interested in the Green price amounts, as they sold, then we want to see which keywords they had in their item title.

Now you can scroll down each one and find all the green items, and look for common words in the item titles.

But I personally sort the list into price order, ie. click on price until the list is displaying the highest prices down to the lowest prices.

I want to see all the item that have sold for the highest amount.

Now I look at the items that have sold ie. the green prices, and I am going to select the best relevant keywords for my own item title.

So I can now see and use the same words other ebay sellers are using to sell their item.

My first title was going to be "Growing Bonsai Ebook"

So on looking at the items that sold I can the following relevant words in their title.

Tree, Japanese, Cutter, Tool Kit, Garden, Pot, Shaping, Learn, Guide

Ok so now I have some good relevant keywords for my title.

So what does this mean? Well when people search on ebay for a certain item they will type in some words, if your title contains those words, you will be returned in the ebay search, then the ebayer will click to view your item.

If you dont have relevant keywords in your item title, you wont show up and your item wont be seen. So by doing some research you are upping the chances of your item being seen.

Its obvious that the more people or ebayers that see your item the more it will be likely to sell.

So my original title was going to be

"Growing Bonsai Ebook"

But with my new keywords added it will look something like this:

"BONSAI Trees Care Grow Plant Pot Shaping Cutter Tools"

Now you can see how many more chances my item will have of being returned in a search result

ok so my title is not the prettiest, but it will get me more viewers to my item and then in turn they will read my description which will be much more prettier!





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