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This is just one of the bridesmaid dresses we currently have on sale.
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This is just one of the bridesmaid dresses we currently have on sale.

Weddings can be an expensive, on average a wedding in 2014, in the UK was £20.983.  After planning my own wedding I was made aware of how expensive it can be and also how carried away we can all get wanting things that are not necessarily required, but we see them and think they will be a nice touch.
Not everyone can afford or wants to pay this kind of money so will try to find ways in which they can keep their costs down yet still have the wedding they want. 

Here at Envisage Attire we want to help by selling wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses at the fraction of the cost. Some of these dresses are brand new and some are pre-loved. Whether they have been worn before or are ex sample dresses. We will always make you aware of the condition of the dress before you buy.
We intend to eventually expand by offering other items for your wedding including artificial bouquets, wedding invitations and sweet carts, decorations etc. All the types of things that some people will have at the wedding. The problem being though that as soon as people here the word wedding, they tend to add money to the cost. So this is why we want to make it that people are happy and aren't spending a fortune.
If you have any questions or requests then please do not hesitate to contact via the message on here. We guarantee reply within 24 hours at the most.
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