Epil stop BEWARE!

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Just a note to would be buyers....Type in Epil Stop to your browser and sit back and read all the complaints of burns, ingrowing hair. Basically this product DOES NOT deliver on its claims.

It STINKS to high heaven, leaves skin burns and  it most certainly isnt a "spray on wipe off" product, do not be fooled by these claims! (it doesnt remove hair nor keep it at bay for the 4 weeks stated) In America it has been taken off the shelves and the advertising regulating companies in the UK have been investigating claims against this product. (noticed youve not seen it advertised lately?)

This product should be banned and the company making it should be made to compensate all the who have been harmed using it.

in short.....AVOID, if you dont believe me, I suggest you do a web search and read all the other reviews on the net!

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