Epson Printer Waste Ink Reset Programs On Ebay

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Epson Printers have Waste Ink Pads in the base of the printer.
These Pads absorb all excess ink which is purged through the Head when you replace
a cartridge, run a Head Cleaning Cycle and even when you just turn on the printer.
The Internal Software of the printer keeps a count of how much ink is purged through the Head 
into the Waste Ink Pads and when they are determined as FULL you Epson printer will stop printing.
In most cases the Red Lights will flash and when you try to print, a message will appear
                'Parts Inside Your Printer Are At The End Of Their Life'
                'Take Your Printer To Your Nearest Epson Service Dealer'
                'Service Required' 
                and in the more modern Epson printers
                'The Waste Ink Pads Are Saturated, See Your Local Dealer'
Either way, you will not be able to use your printer until the Waste Ink Counters are Reset to 0%.

There are many Sellers on Ebay that are selling Reset Programs (or Repair Discs as some like to call them!)
but you will be lucky if any of them tell you that once you have Reset the Waste Ink Counter,
the excess ink will continue to fill the printer's Waste Ink Pads until, at some point, the excess ink 
WILL leak from your printer.

These Ebayer's Selling Reset Programs have no concern for any damage caused by ink leaking from 
your printer. They are just after your money. Most Sellers have not tested the Reset Programs as they 
are just re-selling so you may not get the correct user instructions so where is the after sales back-up ?
You may pay anything from £3.00 to £10.00 for your Reset Program but the costs of any 
damage will make you wish you had not purchased your Reset Program.

                                  THERE IS A SOLUTION

Actually there are 3 solutions.
You could throw your printer away and buy a nice new one - EXPENSIVE!
You could take your printer to the Service Centre to have the Waste Ink Pads replaced- EXPENSIVE!
Or you could fit an external Waste Ink Tank to your printer which will take the purged excess ink -
                                    NOT EXPENSIVE!!!

I can supply an External Waste Ink Tank for your Epson printer which will be supplied with
easy to follow step-by-step video fitting instructions specific to your printer.
Not all printers have the same fittings or instructions so you have to make sure that you purchase
the correct Waste Ink Tank for you printer model.
   If you have already purchased a Reset Program, you can buy a Waste Ink Tank only but you will 
see on my listings that Reset Programs are included if one is available for your Epson printer model.

You will see by my feedback that many people have successfully fitted a Waste Ink Tank to their printer
and saved a perfectly good printer from being thrown away. Plus I fit a Waste Ink Tank to all my printers.

Put a search on Ebay for Waste Ink Tank and you will find the solution to keep your Epson printer
working without leaking ink .

I strongly advise against purchasing a Reset Program on its own and not changing the Waste Ink Pads or
fitting an External Waste Ink Tank.

Reset Programs do not 'Fix' your printer if there is a mechanical fault (there are more than one reason for Flashing Lights) and will make no difference to Print Quality if the Head is blocked so a Reset Program is not a Magic Repair for your printer as some Ebay Sellers would have you believe.

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