Essential Accessories for Your Peugeot 407

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Available in coupe, saloon, and estate styles, the Peugeot 407 offers owners a high performance vehicle that includes a head turning sleek design. For all the standard amenities offered by Peugeot for the 407, consumers can still enhance their driving experiences by adding a few essential accessories.


Biodegradable Screen Wash Fluid

With protection in temperatures as cold as minus 5 degrees Celsius, Peugeot's Biodegradable Screen Wash Fluid enables 407 owners to clean and degrease filthy windshields efficiently. The fluid cuts away the type of grime that drivers experience during poor weather. After wiping the fluid from the windscreen, Peugeot 407 owners enjoy a light, fragrant orchard scent. With an ethanol base derived from sugar beets, the Peugeot 407 windshield cleaning fluid conforms to every strict testing procedure performed by Peugeot and government agencies. Environmentally friendly, the fluid provides 407 owners with clean windscreens, helping to ensure their safety.


500 ML Rubber Restorer

Although Peugeot defines top quality in the luxury sedan category, normal wear and tear caused by frequent use requires 407 owners to apply a Rubber Restorer to the rubber components in both the front and back seats. With a capacity of 500 millilitres, the Rubber Restorer cleans tarnished rubber components until the components return to their original appearance. This Peugeot 407 accessory does not leave a lingering scent or create indelible stains. Consistent application of the Rubber Restorer not only enhances the interior appearance of the Peugeot 407, it also ensures long lasting protection by slowing down the rubber aging process.


DVD Player with Integrated Screen

The Peugeot 407 offers owners a number of technology features. However, most buyers need to add the DVD Player with Integrated Screen to augment the vehicle's entertainment system. The DVD player offers owners controls that enhance user enjoyment. Peugeot 407 owners install the player and screen separately, since the screen sits above all of the player controls. Consumers can also enjoy convenience by including hands free operation for their new DVD Player with Integrated Screen.


Mini Luggage Box

Peugeot offers a luggage box for the 407. Constructed with highly durable polycarbonate and other synthetic materials, the Mini Luggage Box provides owners with years of high performance luggage storage. The rugged materials prevent dents and scratches that can occur from flying debris, as well as resist heat and moisture damage that results from prolonged exposure to harsh weather elements. The luggage box fits securely to the Peugeot 407 roof bars, which means owners do not have to worry about the carrier moving during sharp turns. With dimensions of 130 centimetres wide by 80 centimetres wide by 34 centimetres tall, the compact mini Luggage Box expands the 407's storage capacity.

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