Essential Oil Blends for the Bath

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A few drops of esential oils added to your bathwater can make the difference between a good nights sleep and a GREAT nights sleep!! A long night out or a GREAT night out!! A nice bath or a really destressing bath!!

Using a 5ml measure (teaspoon)  add the following drops of essential oils made up to the measure with the base oil of your choice (sweet almond, sunflower, grapeseed).  Add to bath and swish round to disperse the oils.

Destress Bath

5 drops of lavender oil
2 drops of chamomile oil
2 drops of clary sage oil

Wake Up Bath

5 drops of geranium oil
3 drops of petitgrain oil
2 drops of rosewood oil

Sleep Well Bath

2 drop of chamomile oil
4 drops of lavender oil
2 drop of petitgrain oil

When in the bath keep the door and windows shut to enjoy the full benefit of the essentil oils.

Be aware that certain essential oils have contraindications to certain health conditions.
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