Essential Supplies for you Cat

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Whether you are adopting an adult cat, or bringing home a new kitten, there are a few essential cat supplies that you will need to welcome your new kitty into your home.

Cat Litter and Tray
One of the key essentials,  a cat litter tray provides a defined and sanitary place for your cat to relieve themselves.  It is important to have the litter tray set up before introducing your cat into your home, and make sure that they can find is easily, in order for them to learn that this is the place that you want them to go.  

Cat litters vary a great deal in cost and quality, and some cats can be picky about the type of litter that they will use so you may need to experiment with a few brands before finding one that both you and your cat are happy with.

Cat Collar
Your cat's collar can be as basic or as flamboyant as you want, but above all it should be comfortable.  If you are bringing home a kitten you will probably need to buy a smaller collar now and a full sized one in a few months.

Cat Bed
Although most cats will decide for themselves on the comfiest spot in your home and quickly take up residence there it is important that they have a space that is exclusively theirs, where they can feel comfortable and safe.  Cat beds are sold in a wide variety of sizes and styles,  so you can choose one that fits in with the decor of your home and the space available.

Food and Water Bowls
Your cat will need his own food and water dishes.  These should be kept at a comfortable height for your cat to reach easily.  Bowls with non-slip feet are great if you will be feeding your cat on a hard surface to stop the bowl from sliding around the floor.  Auto-feeders are also available which will make sure your cat always has the right amount of food when he wants it.  

Food and Treats
There is a wide variety of specialty cat food on the market, so choose the highest quality that you can afford and look for any varieties that are designed for your cat´s specific needs, for example if he is elderly, overweight or an exotic breed.

Grooming Supplies
Cats are great at keeping themselves clean, but it doesn´t hurt to give them a helping hand.  Brushing you cat regularly can help to decrease hairballs as well as reduce the amount of shed hair in your home.  You may also want to buy some basic healthcare items such as ear drops, claw clippers and flea and tick treatments.

Scratching Post and Toys
Cats need to scratch to keep their claws in good condition.  If you want to avoid them tearing up your furniture or even walls make sure there is somewhere for your cat to relieve this natural urge.  There are some amazing, elaborate scratching posts available that offer your cat places to play and rest as well as trim his claws, however there are also more cost and space saving options.  It is advisable to start small and work your way up, as with all things, cats can be particular about where they like to scratch.

Cat Carrier
You will need a secure way to transport your cat to and from vet visits.  Choose between soft and foldable carriers to more robust crates.  A great trick to stop your cat from becoming nervous while in his carrier is to keep it out in your home at all times, as an alternative bed.  Place a snuggly blanket inside and occasionally encourage your cat to get in by putting a treat or two inside.

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