Even eBay can be ripped off?!

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Hi everyone,
I read some theory about expensive postage costs where tricky sellers try to rip the buyers off.
Here's mine. It's a bit different than the others....
For instance when you're after for something and you find two options:

Option 1       Item 17.99 + P&P 1.99 = 19.98  which is a reasonable fee for delivery
Option 2       Item  9.99 + P&P 9.99 = 19.98   which is fairly expensive for the same delivery,isn't it?

For us it doesn't matter which one cos we only care about the total price of the stuff (inc delivery),aren't we?
But it does matter for the Seller. Why? Take a look these two example below.

    Option 1 paid by paypal              19.98                     Option 2 paid by paypal              19.98
    ebay fees (9%)                                                          ebay fees (9%)                             
    based on Final Selling Price           1.62                      based on Final Selling Price           0.90
    paypal fee                                     0.92                      paypal fee                                     0.92
    ----------------------------------------                     ----------------------------------------
    net amount                                  17.44                      net amount                                  18.16

The difference between the two options is 72p so when the seller choose the option 2 can make bigger profit.
But where someone is making bigger profit who's gonna pay it?
To be honest these sellers are actually ripping off the ebay itself.
I've seen some items with 99p starting price and 20 pounds delivery that's funny.
What's more when the seller dealing with high postage costs he can also reduce the price of
the item which makes them unfair advantage against other sellers whom doesn't do this.

Thanks for your time.

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