Even fake Topshop clothes are sold on eBay, did u know?

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I recently bought a Topshop skirt off eBay.  I've enevr seen it in shops before, but I just assumed it was maybe old stock.  Advertised as brand new, £20-odd.  I thought, looks nice, I'll buy it.

Once I had received the parcel and worked my way through 3 layers of paper, ribbon, and free tan towels, I found a skirt.  I looked inside an there was no Topshop label.  I asked the seller where it was and she said they had to be remmoved.  Ok, no idea why but I went along with it.  She kept asking me why I doubted the authentic item.  I looked at the care label.  Right enough it said Topshop on it, but it looked like it had been cut off another garment and badly stuck on the item.  Also, a seperate size label was sewn into the care label.  Now, everyone knows that thTopshop size labels are sewn onto the main label at the top of the skirt.  There was also no sign of where stitching was where the original label was, and also none of those ribbon bits you used to hang it up in your wardrobe, which is in every single item of Topshop clothing.  Most Topshop items also use high quality YKK zips.  Note: some items don't, but majority are YKK.  This item is neither.  I can't believe I've been conned.

Lucky for me, the seller offers a return policy.  I'd be screwed if they didn't, but this seller will just go on to sell my fake item again, so there isn't much loss in earnings here.  I've been made a fool of, I don't want anyone to go through the same thing.  Other items this person sells is River Island tops (that look nothing like River Island style tops), Dorothy Perkins and other high street names.  This person has no negative or neutral feedback.  I don't think anyone has really noticed, or cared about these fake items, but I refuse these people to steal innocent peoples hard earned cash.

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