Excessive postal charges

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I would just like to comment on another post with this title i am not having a go at the person who wrote it as i agree with a lot of what they said .it does cost for packaging and in my case for bus fares to and from my post office mainly because the goverment in there almighty wisdom closed my local one down so i now have to travel further to post any parcels.I also reuse packaging whereever i can and make sure this is reflected in my postage costs.when i quote the p+P i always weight the item and then make it up to the nearest pound as nine times out of ten my scales are not as accurate aas the ones at the post office.

However most sellers do the same as i do and i cannot see anything wrong with this unfortunately some sellers seem to have got the idea that if they list an item cheaply ie 99p then they can make up for it on the postage i recently saw someone selling a second hand dvd for 99p and the p+p was £18 they actually stated in there advert they were doing this to avoid paying ebay fees which i think is totally wrong not only are they been greedy by expecting someone to pay that amount for a second hand dvd but surely they realise that the more people who do this then ebay is either going to ban them or once again put up the listing fees .If like me you only sell a few items and i usually sell things for 99p -£4.99 to keep my fees down plus i dont want to be accused of selling items for less than they are worth i price my items at the price i would like to pay for it obviously i hope the price will go up as that is the idea of an auction.But i do object to paying stupid p+P fees i recently bid on an a few dvds and the seller was charging quite a lot for p+P as i sell dvds my self on occasion i knew the postage was way too high so i emailed the seller to find out why they were charging so much .I honestly expected either no reply or one telling me to mind my own buisness but i didnt i got a lovely email back explaining that this lady had recently split from her partner and he had been the one who did the pricing and postage costs as she knew delivery prices had gone up she upped her fees but as i had emailed her about it she was quite willing to charge the appropriate postage costs and we were both happy with the sale so if you think the p+P is too high email the seller nine times out of ten unless they know they are overcharging they will explain why it is so high and are usually willing to lower the cost for you to make sure they get a sale.

ok rant over happy bidding.    

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