Excessive shipping/postage on eBay

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I believe many buyers here do come across a common problem which is related to excessive shipping or postage set by their sellers. The excessive shipping or postage happens mainly because some sellers want to make an EXTRA profit to cover the eBay fees. By making the P&P higher than it should be, the sellers can make a small profit on P&P which then they can use to pay for the commission fee to eBay.

The reason I am writing this short guide here is because a seller has decided to charge me excessive P&P for two items AFTER I won them. I bought two presentation packs from a seller called 'stamp_genie' over the weekend. Both packs were listed separately and I managed to win them at the starting price which was £4.95. When I sent a request to 'stamp_genie' for the final invoice, the seller decided to charge me £1.50 P&P to post the two presentation packs by 2nd class delivery. I wrote to the seller to question about the P&P. I explained to the seller that the two presentation packs weigh less than 100g in total. The overall dimensions are within Royal Mail's normal letter size. Royal Mail only charge 50p to post a normal letter by 2nd class delivery, so where is this £1.50 P&P coming from?

It took 'stamp_genie' a while to respond to me, and this is what 'stamp_genie' had to say:

"The combined thickness is more than 25 mm and is thus a large letter. I have given you 50p discount on very cheap presentation pack. The cost of postage also includes packing. If you are still not happy I can cancel the transaction. I did not say that I would give a postage discount but gave you one anyway."

There is no way the two presentation packs can make a thickness over 25mm unless 'stamp_genie' wanted to use hundreds of layers of bubble wrap to make the thickness go over 25mm. And judging what the seller has said here, obviously he is not happy to sell the presentation packs dead cheap, therefore he is charging me a high P&P to make up his loss. The seller must be having a laugh here!

The seller also makes it sound that I didn't appreciate their kindness for reducing the postage by 50p, especially when they don't think it is right and necessary to offer a combined postage when two items are being posted together inside ONE envelope to ONE delivery address, so now the seller decided to put the P&P back to the full price – £2 to post two presentation packs by 2nd class delivery. I really think this seller is a daytime robber. 

Like the seller said, I am not happy to pay either £1.50 or £2 for a 2nd class delivery which Royal Mail only charges 50p. And before I responded to this seller, 'stamp_genie' has already cancelled the transactions for the two items. Surely I cannot force the seller to sell his items, especially when the items were not sold at his EXPECTED PRICE, but what I can do is to leave the seller a couple of negative feedbacks on his account. Instead of having a username called 'stamp_genie', perhaps the seller should consider to call themselves stamp_robber!!!

' stamp_genie', you are named and shamed!

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