Exhange IBM ThinkPad T60 X60 R60 Z60E 3945ABG 2 39T5578

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Exhange IBM ThinkPad T60 X60 R60 Z60E 3945ABG 2 39T5578

ThinkPad X60 carried Intel 3945ABG wireless network card. But we'd like to changed it into ThinkPad 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Express Adapter. FRU 39T5578--made by atheros, using AR5006EX chipset. Stronger wireless ability than 3945ABG., which could work on T60 X60/S R60 Z60T Z61

PDF manual and installation and removal links could be find at wireless4laptop.com

We took x60 for example

h ttp://images.enet.com.cn/iflow/articleimage/200604/1144724926593.jpg  (minus the space after h)

First of all, we will remove Keyboard first :

h ttp://images.enet.com.cn/iflow/articleimage/200604/r_1144725013124.jpg

Whether after dismantling, and then to remove Upper Case.

h ttp://images.enet.com.cn/iflow/articleimage/200604/r_1144725058658.jpg

This on the right is the target who we should start to remove, Intel 3945ABG Mini-PCI Express Card:

h ttp://images.enet.com.cn/iflow/articleimage/200604/r_1144725108556.jpg

This picture can be seen, whether to block bamboo shoot in front , Mini-PCI the one that is in both sides Mini-PCI Express.

h ttp://images.enet.com.cn/iflow/articleimage/200604/r_1144725190354.jpg

So long as pull the card gently, Mini-PCIe card jumps up:

h ttp://images.enet.com.cn/iflow/articleimage/200604/r_1144725233555.jpg

Then change Thinkpad ABG Mini-PCIe , then put back according to the preceding step:

h ttp://images.enet.com.cn/iflow/articleimage/200604/r_1144725253523.jpg

This is that the iron plate below the hand district is put in Upper Case right side; It was originally the heat dissipation that would strengthen the wireless network chip to never expected but turned into a great heat source with anti-interference, whether we can say fuselage most hot even if above the iron plate , that is to say right side put the hand district in using.

h ttp://images.enet.com.cn/iflow/articleimage/200604/r_1144725315956.jpg

From Centrino Duo logo, turn into Intel Core Inside:

h ttp://images.enet.com.cn/iflow/articleimage/200604/r_1144725483641.jpg

This is behavior after changing Thinkpad ABG, the same place, the same wireless sharing device , good Atheros chip leads your signal to have full dose, Intel chip of chicken ribs lets your news of accepting be unqualified:

h ttp://images.enet.com.cn/iflow/articleimage/200604/r_1144725532115.jpg

Come to search the nearby wireless sharing device to look again, oh! Ran out of a lot out, actually 40% of the that pile of under one that can not all catch by original Intel 3945ABG:

h ttp://images.enet.com.cn/iflow/articleimage/200604/r_1144725563054.jpg


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