Experienced Artist or NOT!

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How do you find out if the person you are buying your reborn baby doll from is as experienced as they say they are!

Dont be fooled into thinking that, just because someone has wrote on their auction that they have been an artist for several years, that they actually have been.  Be advised to check them out.

A few tips to do this is to check their feedback thoroughly to find any good or bad comments they have received over the years.   Another is to look online to see if they have a website. Most ladies and gents who sell reborn babies like to display all of the babies they have sold over the years.

If you are not satisfied with what you have found, but still like the reborn doll they are selling, contact them for additional information and pictures. Find out all you can before spending your hard earned cash. Make sure that everything ie. the pictures are clear and that the information all makes sense.

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