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Getting Exposure for an Ebay shop is hard enough as it is so i thought id write a few things that could help you get a bit more exposure

Shop items listed as shop inventory only come up in searches if less then 30 items are in the result. This does not happen very often as there are so many items listed on ebay

When someone enters a search into the search box ebay searches for items that match the exact words entered. The ebay search engine will only search the item title. So the more info and words you enter into your title the more chance you have of your item showing up

Search engines work in the same sort of way. Imagine them as a spiders cobweb with strands going of everywhere. Start at the middle with the search box. When an item is entered the search engine sends out loads of little spiders across the internet (the cobweb) to look for any websites that match the wording. They search web site addresses then work there way through the web site

Ebay shops get searched by there web adress and then by the discription in your shop header. The more things relevant to what you sale that you put in your shop description the more chance of getting seen you have. Yes its nice to say 'Hello and welcome to my shop' but its just wasting space. The best thing is to list items that you sell. Just put something simple like 'we sell books, DVDs, cds,' etc. Use all the space that ebay provide you even put items you have sold but dont sell on a regular basis

The best way to get traffic into your shop is by running auction listings and putting a link on the page to take people to your shop. Auctions get looked at the most so its better if you have a variety of different items in different categories to attract more people to your shop. You can add a link at the bottom of the description page

Ebay world and ebay blogs can be used to good effect. Use the space to say what you sell and a little bit about your items. Also use the show your listings option.

Me pages are a good tool to tell buyers a bit more about yourself. Its a way of letting a buyer get to know you and getting a bit more confidence in you.

So a quick summary of how to get people to look at your shop

  • Run auction listings in a variety of categories
  • Use your shop name and description to say what you sell
  • Use the Q&A and discussion boards to get noticed more (you can not advertise your items on these boards!)
  • Set up your own 'me' page
  • Write a review or guide about an item you sell
  • Use Ebay world and ebay blogs

Shops are hard to get noticed so good luck and if you found this guide helpful please tick 'yes' in the box below

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Last updated on 24~06~07

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