Eye Laser Surgery

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I am writing this guide as i think it will come in handy for someone wishing to go ahead with LASER EYE SURGERY.

If you have done your research you will find there are alot of surgeries you can go to now, everyone has jumped on the band wagon.

It is something you need to think about especially as it is your eyes, i would rather go deaf than blind but i took the risk and 3 yrs later i need to go back for more which i was not expecting.

When i first went it was clinical, clean and sombre. I was called in for the check ups and went ahead with the surgery the same day. I was told ( i had epi-lasik ) it would hurt a little and my eyes would feel gritty....LETS JUST SAY IT FELT LIKE SOMEONE HAD TAKEN MY EYEBALLS OUT AND JUMPED ON THEM A FEW TIMES AND RE INSERTED THEM WITH A LOAD OS SAND. I had the cheaper option which cost me £800 for both eyes, less risk apparently but bloody painful and takes longer to heal.

The laser treatment....

You lay down, i was not explained anything, they pick an eye, open it up with some perculiar contraption and put drops in to numb your eye. You look up and see this red blob jumping about and thats the laser, it then makes a noise and you start to smell burning hair ( have you ever lit a cigarette and the lighter flame was to big and you singed your nose hair a little ) 30 seconds later its done. Then the other eye, thing is you have to stay still but i jumped with the first eye because i didnt know what to expect.


They gave me a pad over one eye and a clear plastic cup over the other so i could see, but i COULDNT SEE. They also gave me pills to take, painkillers i expect!.

Anyway my mum had to guide me all the way out and to the car park ( i couldnt see a thing, i am short sighted ( myopia ) and i still was whilst crossing the carpark. In the lift a little girl made a comment, which my mum replied was that i am human really!

I get home an hr later and i start to feel a slight tingling, GREAT Painkillers wearing off. Few hrs later my eyes are roasting and i have water/tears god know POURING put my eyes, i am having to change this pad the next day but its already soaking. Come the evening im in so much pain, i take the pills  and start to feel a little better and just keep drifting in and out of sleep.

I wake up but my eyes are closed and extremely sore, i take more pills, sleep more and more pills!!!

A whole 48 hrs have passed with every two hrs of those im screaming at my husband to pull the curtain across a gapping hole with a tiny piece of light coming through, its unbearable ( they say you get light sensitivity but jesus christ ) Around the 3rd day i go doctors to get more of these pills

Low and behold they wont give me any, why? Because they are tranquillisers.

I phone the eye surgery around the 5th day and tell them ive got constant grit eyes and one of my eyes feels like its gone through a round with Mike Tyson. They say just to bathe it and take painkillers. So i do

Two weeks later, im driving! Hurray, Oh my god i can see YIPPEE, no more... FEELING for my glasses in the morning, No more up close encounters of the sink trying to find that bloody contact lense.

Well here i am 3 yrs later....I need to go back as my eye sight is slowing getting worse again, and yes i know what i have got to go through, Is it a good or bad thing? I ask myself


Please note my eyes were -4 and -5 prescrition and i had Epi-Lasik, so cannot comment on other proceedures. I know the above sounds like a horror story but if you come off better then its a bonus.

All i will say is you get what you pay for, i paid cheap, i got a quick in and out job and the after care wasnt all that.But i have also enjoyed 3 yrs of swimming , wearing sunglasses and pretty eye makeup!

Hope you enjoyed reading this, if you would like to get in touch then please do so






I went back in to have my eyes relasered and didnt need it done just yet, got to go back in a year to see if i need my right eye lasered only which is very good news, my left eye has hardly got any worse, so im a happy bunny.

At least they are not trying to get money out of me as his words were " i advise you not to have your eyes lasered at this time"

Even though i was all geared up for it again, and didnt sleep much the night before, i got a free eye check up i suppose.

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