F1 warning light K1 1000

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I to am suffering the dreaded F1 light been on for about a year now,did'nt slow the bike down any so i left it. However i've just fitted an aftermarket endcan to go with the K/N i fitted last year then had it Dyno'd after a little tweak of the Yoshi box(no need for a Power Commander) had her running 151BHP at the wheel with the F1 light on, the mechanic checked to see what was at fault the code came back that the Exup servo was the problem(all for £100 and had 4 runs on the dyno to get it perfect), on later inspection there are some teeth missing from the worm gear inside and usual Suzuki you carnt buy just the gear you have to buy the box..p.s. took it to a local WW2 airbase at the weekend had it reading 204 mph on the clock speed trapped at 197.4 not bad for seven year old to say some of the newer bikes were struggling to hit the 190's....
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